Dick Summer Connection

An Email just came pouring in, from my friend Bill Diehl. You may recognize his name from ABC radio news. Bill and I worked together at WNEW radio in New York. Well…Bill was in news so he worked, I played records. Bill’s note says the college he went to is shutting down their radio station, because the students aren’t interested in radio any more. Bill is upset. And I understand why. I went to Fordham in New York, and I spent more time at the Fordham radio station…WFUV…than I did in class. I loved it. Today’s www.dicksummer.com/podcast admits there’s no question that radio is in trouble, especially with Generation Z, people born after 1995. And Generation Z is projected to account for 40% of all consumers in the US in another year or so. I think it’s Interesting that there has been a correspondingly huge surge in loneliness in that group over the last few years.

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