Dick Summer Connection

So now we have another new year. Another new beginning. As I was telling you in today’s podcast, I like new beginnings. Especially the small ones that only one or two other people share with you. Those small new beginnings are fragile. If you’re not careful, they can get drowned out in the every day noise of your life. I think that’s one of the reasons we have dreams. Dreams come in the quiet of your sleep and they are sometimes full of those images of half forgotten new beginnings. Like your first kiss. I don’t mean some loud sloppy thing your maiden aunt planted on you when you were two. I mean your first KISS. I got mine from Jeannie Cambell when she was six and I was seven. Good start. Jeannie was on to something. She didn’t give me one of those little girl pecks on the cheek. It was a real smackerooo right on the lips. It was a reward for teaching her which way the hat goes on Mr. 7. She was just starting kindergarten, and I was a worldly first grader. I really liked that kiss. I followed up on it when I was 14, but that’s another story. Who gave you your first kiss ? Who was your first girlfriend or boyfriend ? What are some of the small big firsts in your life?

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