Christmas Dickie-Quickie

Every day  my email  ( )  has been  full  of your Christmas stories. I can’t thank you enough. If you’ve just joined us, to understand what’s going on here, please go to .

Here’s a note from Proud Podcast Participant Betsy:

Although I have no specific memories that stand out,  I did want to say that my next door neighbors when I was growing up spent every Christmas with us. They had no children and were like  grandparents to me.   My Christmas mornings, as well as my life, were much enhanced by their presence and their love.  I don’t think I expressed this to them near enough while they were alive, heck I probably didn’t even realize it myself.   I think a lot of times it’s when we’re older looking back, and after the people are gone, that we truly begin to realize what they brought to our lives.  So, Nina and Bunk, wherever you are, if you read Dick’s blog,  Merry  Christmas, I miss you……… and thanks.

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