Christmas Dickie-Quickie

The Christmas memories just keep rolling in. Please send yours to  To find out what this is all about, go to

Here’s a note from Will Murphy, a long time friend and  proud podcast participant:


I think I heard your father’s organ influence in that selection you played by Dave.

 I was thinking I don’t have any Christmas memories, though I do have a Christmas BirthDate. Yep, smack on that important holyday. My mother spent 40 hours in “adoration” awaiting her first son, me. My parents must have had great hopes for me.

  What strikes me now is the way my father Dave seems to be admiring his progeny… so much. One month later he was shot to death in a burglary while closing his tavern. I was the News Director of a TV station 65 miles away in Lafayette, Indiana getting the call at 4am. Each day I told of death and damnation in the news. Now it was personal.

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