Christmas Dickie-Quickie

Still a few days to get your Christmas story in for this year. The address is

Proud PodCast Participant Steve Green wrote a beautiful note that said in part: “My late mom came from a large family. By the time they had made their way from Poland to Boston, where a street (Greenwood Avenue) was named for my grandfather who built homes in the area…there were six sisters and a brother. My Aunt Fran had a ladies undergarment store….She specialized in undergarments for women who had undergone mastectomies. (She) always invited me to sleep over on Thanksgiving, so I could go to work with her on Friday to be the first kid in the family to see all the decorations in downtown….Year after year I would get to spend that weekend with my Aunt on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many times there was snow. And what’s now known as “Downtown Crossing” was lit with the beautiful sights and sounds of Christmas. My other Jewish friends were often confused how I could enjoy this aspect of the holiday season. And even at the tender age of 12, I explained that I wasn’t celebrating Christmas, I was enjoying the candelabrum used…a menorah has 7 branches and was used in the Tabernacle in the wilderness and in Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples. But I had a great heads up on all the latest toys and games that were out, thanks to my special Friday in Downtown Boston. What a wonderful time it was. And oh, how I wish I could do it again.”

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