Lots of Great Summer Memories

Lots of great summer memories coming in. Here’s one from Dick Butler: The answer to the final question is…we don’t so get it while you can.

You brought back memories sitting on the stoop with my family just watching the world go by then the ice cream truck would come,( his name was jolly don’t ask me why ) he was always grumpy but we didn’t care fast forward to the 90’s I’m working in L.A. for a production co. they have us stay with one of the local guys. There’s myself and a couple of Aussies & the native Calif. at the end of day we get some beer and sit on the stoop the Aussies& myself the local guy thinks were nuts make a long story short by the end of that summer we had the whole neighborhood doing it. Local guy told us it kept going till he moved about 4yrs.later
Dick Butler

P.S. how the h do we slow this down??

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