Lots of Neat Mail about This Week’s Podcast

Lots of neat mail about this week’s podcast. Here’s a good example from Carole:

Hey there, Dick.
I HATE it when I logon in the wee hours on a Sat night/Sun morning and your blog is written, but the “current” podcast is last week’s 🙁
By the way, after getting the spelling of “Lonely Love” right the first time, you got dyslexic and spelled it “Lonley” thereafter.  Speaking of dyslexic — did you hear about the dsylexic fellow who lay awake in bed staring at the ceiling one night wondering “is there a Dog”????  (Sorry, I just had to do that.)

But I digress.  I wanted to add Unconditional Love — the kind we get from our pets and our kids when they’re really young — and, if we’re lucky, from our main squeezes or lovers or spouses later on.  To me, that’s real love.
The fellow (his name escapes me) who wrote “The Road Less Traveled” stated that (and I may be paraphrasing a bit here) “…the definition of love is the willingness to help someone else grow, even though it may result in losing them in the end.”

By “Lonely Love”, I’m assuming you mean a love experienced by one person who doesn’t tell the object of that love anything about it?  Or, are you including “the girl that got away”, which could mean Unrequited Love????
Then there’s Lopsided Love — where one cares much more than the other — the stepsister to that version would be  Manipulative Lopsided Love, where the one who has less feelings takes advantage of that fact to get what they want from the other person.

How could you possibly have forgotten about “Puppy Love”????!!!!!  Remember the song — we never thought it was!!

Lastly — Self-Love. The narcissistic person who is the very most important person in their own life.  They “love” another only as they relate to their own self-image.  I know you’re familiar with those folks — they’re very prevalent in the world you used to frequent.  I think many movie stars fall into that category.

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