There’s a New Little Girl in our Family

There’s a new little girl in our family. Her name is Cecilia. She already knows what she wants and when she wants it. She’s only a few weeks old, but she’s already trying to talk, and she gets upset when people don’t quite understand what she’s saying.   She has her grandmothers little half smile. And she knows things I don’t know…because she’s a girl.

You can see the difference between men and women from the time little girls are born. For one thing, they smile more than boy babies. Boy babies mostly eat, drink, burp and pee. And we don’t change much when we get older. When Cecilia looks at me and smiles that little half smile, it’s like she’s thinking…we girls can certainly get along without those other kind of people…but if we don’t take care of them who will?

Right from the time they’re born, baby girls love to be kissed. They squeal, and curl their toes, and kick their legs. In my opinion, the baby girls who grow up best, are the ones who have the same reaction when they get to be women…it just looks a little different.

Baby girls seem to know right away that kissing is more important than grabbing. That’s a lesson most guys don’t learn until we become members of the Louie-Louie Generation. Girls think about things like that as they grow up. Guys think about eating, drinking, burping and peeing…and sports.

I think things just happen too fast for guys. It seems like just when we got used to being our parent’s children, before we knew what hit us, we became our children’s parents. The timing is all wrong for guys. Just when we got horney, the girls got religion. I remember that…to this day…and hey ladies…if you’re listening…wherever you are now… Jeanie, Matilda, Maureen…that wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now. Well…maybe it’s a little funny now.

Girls understand about things like kissing is more important than grabbing, and relationships, and love instinctively. I guess we need to have those things explained in words of one syllable. So I tried to make a list of different kind of loves this week, and here’s how it looks:

There’s Lasting Love…that’s a love with capitol letters…Letters just as large as the ones that spell God…and Lusty Love…lots of grunting up against the nearest walls with that one… as opposed to Lingerie Love…that comes complete with expensive perfume, satin sheets, and careful meetings. There’s also little loves…the kind that spring up sometimes with the clerk at the convenience store, or the gas station guy. They don’t grow up at all…they’re just daily tingles that usually calm down nicely and move on. Usually but not always.   Lyin’ Love is putting your mouth where you know your heart should be. Little Lyin’ Love is mostly pecks and air kisses instead of flesh on flesh. There’s Lonely Love… that’s a tough one…they write songs like the Girl That Got Away about that one. In fact our Louie-Louie Generation theme song was originally written by a guy who was telling a bar tender about his girl who just got away earlier that night. Some guys fall in Lonley Love with their best buddy’s wife…and   never once let her know about it. Lovely Love happens on Valentine’s Day…lace and candy and words that are dandy. Loopy Love makes you walk into walls…and you don’t even notice. Lady Love is clean, clear, soft and tough. Moms are good at that. Lad Love is chemicals boiling over and splashing around. You learn about Loyal Love…when you have kids who break your heart…or Alzheimer’s steals the memories you’ve made with your husband or wife…or you put on your country’s uniform and risk your life in battle. It’s complicated this Love thing. For guys it is anyway. I think maybe people like little Cecilia just simply   understand it…and smile that little lopsided smile.

Dick’s Details Quiz – all answers are in the current podcast.

1- Which part of the human anatomy expands to 12 times its relaxed size when it is directly stimulated? (To: the forces for good in the community who are SHOCKED…SHOCKED I tell you that I would ask such a queston…better listen to the podcast before you get your shorts all twisted up.)
2- What do sheep do when humans jump over fences?
3- What do liberals and conservatives do exactly alike in sexy situations ?
Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

If you can think of   one or two different kinds of love that I missed for my list a few minutes ago, please send me an e-mail…and we’ll list them in the Dickie’s Quickies section of the blog at dick summer dot com. The e mail address is

That   Lonley Love…It takes a tough person to make that work.   There’s a story about that in the Night Connections personal audio cd. It’s called  €œA Real Friend.  If you like it, you can just keep the podcast, or if you’d like a fresh copy, just go back to the home page at   and download it from the Night Connections icon.

I guess it’s not a perfect example of Lonley Love. They both knew. But I think one of the most important lessons you can learn from love is…a love   that’s absolutely perfect can’t grow any more…because it’s already all perfectly grown. So here’s a question for you. Doesn’t that mean that the moment a love reaches absolute perfection it begins to die? I don’t know. I’m only a guy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those of you who were once people like little Cecilia…non guys… might just hear a question like that and … smile.

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