Dickie – Quickie

File this under EGO I suppose. But I want to thank Matt Seinberg of Big Apple Airchecks for his incredible feature based on some of my air checks. It was a real head trip to listen to stuff from so long ago. My Lady Wonder Wench giggled a lot, but there was a little misty eyed stuff going on too. If you’re curious, go to www.bigappleairchecks.com

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  1. aliasJean Fox says:

    Duke of Shrewsbury —- yup — I remember that too. And N.A.G., T.E.K.E.L.O.
    (Bruce Bradley’s thing) and from dust though came and dust thou art —-
    everyone is a little dusty ————
    What was that about the silver part of a gumwrapper filed with dirt and buried
    under a full moon while reciting …………… something …………?

    A few good memories. Thanks to all involved.

  2. Andrea D. Wiener says:

    Let me tell you – if you haven’t checked this thing out in a while, this is GOOD STUFF!! this guy’s like the REAL DEAL on a LOT of levels and his stuff will just PUT YOU AWAY!!

  3. Steve says:

    Gotta love those old photos, but…

    Why do we always seem to outlive our concepts of what constitutes a decent haircut?
    (Hey, I’m guilty, too.)

    I have a t-shirt suggestion for Kris. How about “My Dad can create his own mythology. Can yours?”
    (It’s still true.)