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Dick Summer Connection

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

“Men Are Saints” I said on the air at NBC Radio. Today’s podcast is about how so many women blew their tops at that. Proof? Thanksgiving is cold around here. Where do we men encourage our women to spend the day? In the warmest room in the house. The kitchen.

Dick Summer Connection

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Mistakes were made yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner. Some people couldn’t help talking about politics. Others didn’t like the food. Some didn’t have much food. Today’s podcast says some mistakes could have been much worse.

Dick Summer Connection

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

On a Thanksgiving evening a long time ago, I did something on NBC Radio that got most of the women in the country furious with me. It’s in today’s podcast. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in the country.

Dick Summer Connection

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Picture this: A beautiful young lady slinks down a beach wearing the littlest string bikini possible. Where do saintly men look? Today’s podcast says:  ONLY AT THE PARTS THAT ARE COMPLETELY COVERD! Men are saints!

Dick Summer Connection

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Men Are Saints says today’s podcast. We do so many saintly things that nobody notices. How often do you see a pretty girl walk into a sleazy, nasty bar late at night and some saintly man invites her to the safety of his apartment? And who gives him credit?

Dick Summer Connection

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Ladies, don’t make the same mistake so many of your sisters make. Today’s podcast reminds you to treasure your man. It’s the Men Are Saints reminder. Some of you will ask, “Why are men saints.” Today’s podcast has a partial answer.

Dick Summer Connection

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Today’s podcast is about the MAS Appeal. M.A.S is “Men Are Saints” Some of you seem skeptical of this movement. But look at what we must face to protect our loved ones. There are lots of examples in the podcast. But here’s one we usually handle.

Dick Summer Connection

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

If you don’t like sex, sunshine, and ships, a vacation on The Love Boat isn’t for you. And today’s podcast says you don’t need to force yourself to take part in sex, sunshine and ships. You don’t need to force yourself to do anything on vacation.

Dick Summer Connecton

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

When people go on cruises on the Love Boat, some of them get naughty. Today’s podcast explains HOW to get naughty so you both enjoy the trip…and the “After Trip Experience.” Give a listen and up your “Naughty” abilities.

Dick Summer Connection

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

I’m late, and I’m sorry for that. This blog usually gets done an hour and a half earlier. I usually wake up automatically. But this morning I didn’t. And today’s podcast is important. It tells you about dealing with your Love Boat. And you need to be careful about that.