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Dick Summer Connection

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

June nights fire up our Limbic systems. That’s the part of our brains that get us in trouble. It turns on the testosterone spigot, and the estrogen valve. They’re over after tonight…for another year. I captured one for today’s podcast. You might want to keep it and listen to it the next time the sleet is scraping against your window.

play duck

Dick Summer Connection

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

The days are getting hot. But the early Summer nights are…special. I recorded one for today’s podcast.

hot horse

Dick Summer Connection

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

The days are getting hot. The nights are hot too, but in a very different way. Give today’s podcast a listen…tonight.

hot cat

Dick Summer Connection

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Lots of people dream of a White Christmas. I dream about these June nights. It’s in today’s story

Dick Summer Connection

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Last night was the kind of night that inspired the word June…as in the song “Give Me A June Night.” The softest nights of the year are making us comfortable right now. Soft Summer nights. They have special sounds. Can you imagine all the “hooking up” that’s taking place with all the crickets and fire flies, and whatever creatures are making those Summer night sights and sounds? I recorded last night’s soft Summer sounds and I’m going to use it to spin some friends heads around on New Year’s Eve. It’s in today’s podcast. Kick back and give it a listen.

kid & fireflies

Dick Suummer Connection

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. An old T shirt that brought back such radio memories. I put some of them in today’s podcast. I found out that it was the Duke of Shrewsbury who first figured out that you could make something tasty and handy if you put a hunk of meat between two slices of bread. So I explained how the evil Earl of Sandwich stole the Duke’s idea. We needed to re-name the sandwich. We needed to call it a Shrewsbury. And I gave the top crumb award to listeners who spread the word. The top crumb was from my lunchtime Shrewsbury. Lots of restaurants actually put Shrewsburies on the menu. That was kind of fun “Theater of the mind.” But we did “Theater of the heart” too. I was on the air when Martin Luther King was murdered. There was such anger and hate on the phones. The city was ready to explode. At a time like that, Theater of the Heart can help. Sometimes you do Theater of the Heart not so much by what words you say, but by how you’re saying those words. I like to think I helped a little. Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. Memories from radio…from long, long ago.

WNBC Music list

Dick Summer Connection

Friday, June 24th, 2016

T.G.I.F, so it’s time for one of today’s podcast’s most popular features, Dick’s Details – a bunch of totally un-important stuff for you to stuff in one ear, so you can squeeze the important stuff that’s no fun in your life out the other ear, and you can grab a grin and win. When a male chimpanzee spots an attractive female chimpanzee, the guy climbs up the nearest tree and tosses twigs down at her. If she’s interested she climbs up the tree to meet him. So if you guys haven’t been having too much luck at a singles bar, try taking a walk in the park and climb a tree. But if a lady climbs up a tree toward you, do check to see if she’s excessively hairy. If the answer is siss, boom, baa, what is the question? I just saw a commercial that said “Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum.” I think it would be interesting to meet that fifth guy who says, “Go ahead kids. Chew up that good sugary gum.” And I’ve seen so many Viagra commercials that I’ve been waiting for some chemist to write a tell all book, claiming that Viagra is really a placebo. That would leave a lot of guys love lives..pretty limp. If the answer is siss, boom, baa the question is “What is the sound that an exploding sheep makes?” Credit…or blame as the case may be…for that one is due to the late, great, Johnny Carson. All Louie Louie Generation folks remember Johnny Carson…don’ t you? Dick’s Details. They take your mind off your mind.

A little housekeeping here – If you like these podcasts, or my spoken word CDs at, or my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot, available at…shameless plug, please tell a couple of friends because they might like them too, and you’ll be doing me a favor. So kicks in

Dick Summer Connection

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. An old T shirt from my radio days. What memories it started in my head. We did theater of the mind radio.” We had “lovin touch cards.” Like the one below. And we also had the boy/girl watcher post cards with the hole punched in the middle so you could “hide behind the card and watch un-observed.” Obviously if the watch-ee giggled, the watch-er had a good start because giggles are good. And if the watch-ee ignored the silly thing the watch-er didn’t have to feel rejected. Watchers and watchees would write or call with the results. Lots of imagination went on there. Theater of the mind. But we also did stuff that I called, “Theater of the heart.” I was really missing the lady who is now my Lady Wonder Wench. It hurt…how I missed her. It turns out lots of the people listening were missing somebody too. Lots of the people listening there in the middle of the night were hurting…bad. It sometimes helps if you know you have company when you hurt. That’s what I call “Theater of the Heart Radio.” It was “Theater,” but it was very real. There’s a sample of it in today’s podcast.

LT Touch card

Dick Summer Connection

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. That old T shirt I found started lots of fun radio memories going around in my head. Lots of stuff I used to do on the air is in today’s podcast. Toilet paper unrolling contests, ice cube tossing contests, slinky races…the Grape Aid Society…as in what’s purple and hides in the ocean…Moby Grape…and my password. I told my listeners that any time some nasty guy threatened them just say the password and the nasty guy would back away. Here’s the password:








thequeezyattheverysametime. (Case sensitive)

And I very well remember the night the picture on the cover of my book was taken. My Lady and I had been apart for months, and the only way I could talk to her was in messages in the night on the air. It was “Theater of the heart.”

Book Front Cover

Dick Summer Connection

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Oh my gosh what I found in the wash. An old T shirt from my Radio days. Radio memories. Lots of them in today’s podcast. I had a Venus Fly Trap that I kept in the studio. They eat flies as you probably know. So I decided to call my Venus Fly Trap Irving the Second…”Superplant. Faster than a speeding clump of crab grass. Able to leap tall garbage heaps with a single jump.” We had sound effect fights between Irving and “Super Mosquito.” I usually had a caller on the phone who rooted for “Super Mosquito.” Here’s a picture of Irving. That’s me dangling from one of his leaves.

WBZ Irving