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Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Thanks for playing the “Why wasn’t there a podcast last Sunday” game with me. It was fun. One reason is that I found out why Once Upon A Time can help you live longer…no kidding. I’ll tell you in tomorrow’s podcast at 


Friday, March 20th, 2015

Ok. So going to Mets Spring Training was one reason there was no new podcast this week. One of the other reasons was I wanted to see  how imaginative you’d be in trying to figure it out for yourself. Wow. Try this one on:

Dick, I have definitely figured it out: 
You have become the first-ever UBER pilot with non-stop service to Hanover Pennsylvania where dedicated fans of the Pixies Three travel in great numbers hoping to convince the Pixies to do yet another for a Pixies Three Reunion Concert!

There will be a new podcast up this Sunday, and there are 437 podcasts just waiting for you at


Wonder Wench Writes

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

“You’re getting your big, comfortable, manly, black leather poppa chair re-stuffed” is another guess at why there’s no new podcast this week…only the 437 podcasts that are already up there. Actually, my Lady Wonder Wench has given you a great clue as to the main reason with this:

Well, one thing’s for sure – the Mets are going to have to go a looong way before they get to the World Series. “To the winch, wench . . . “ Does anyone out there remember Billy Crystal’s movie – well, not HIS exactly – but the movie in which he uttered those immortal words? And no, it’s not where the Louie Louie Lad got his name for me. Besides that, there are the Mets – or maybe not. One thing is for sure – they are going to have to go a looong way before they get to the World Series. Now if their TV broadcasters could be at least three-quarters of their team . . . S–I-G-H- . . . I know, I know, they are no longer players; and one wasn’t a professional anyway. But they know the game better than any group of talking heads in the profession; they always remember that there are TWO teams playing; and they aren’t afraid to praise the other guys or complain about the stupidities of their own. There are maybe three other baseball broadcast booths in the country that are almost –ALMOST! – as good.

Do y’think Mrs. Cohen would allow Gary to come out and play?


Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Some great guesses about why no podcast this week from lots of you. For example: “People who have their noses stuck in computers a lot tend to miss out on family and friends, and you wanted to back off and just enjoy our guesses.” “You have reached the maximum amount of money your Swiss bank will allow you to deposit.” (Yeah…right.) Lots of you said “Spring training.” “Lady Wonder Wench wants you to do a dry run of what it might feel like to retire.”

This is fun. I’ll tell you the real answer(s) in a day or so. Meanwhile…what’s your guess?


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

After six years and more than 430 weekly podcasts, I skipped podcasting this week, and I’m asking you why you think I did that. Lots of interesting answers. Here are a few from yesterday: “To make us miss you and appreciate you more when you come back.” Lady Wonder Wench wants you to retire.” “You’re hoping the Mets win a game.” (Huh?) If you’d care to make a guess, my email is 


Monday, March 16th, 2015

There are more than 400 (free) podcasts at,  It’s the result of somewhere around 6 years worth of every week podcasts. But I didn’t do one this week, and I thought it would be interesting to find out what you think made me miss this week. Some fascinating answers. For example:”Lady Wonder Wench is keeping you all tied up (giggle giggle.)” “You ran out of ideas.” “It’s draining the life out of you and it’s no substitute for being a radio star in New York City.” And several simply said, “Vacation.” So…why do you think I didn’t do a podcast this week. Please listen to a few, and let me know at I’ll tell you the answer later in the week. 


Sunday, March 15th, 2015

 Every Sunday for years, there’s been a new podcast at But not this Sunday. Will there be one next Sunday? What do you think is going on? Please let me know at 


Saturday, March 14th, 2015

If you’re lucky enough to have a family, you’ll understand the end of this week’s podcast. It goes like this: 

I saw and heard some family love a little while ago. Actually it was a combination of love and like…and that’s the best combination ever. Our 6 foot 3 son Eric and our 5 foot 3 daughter Kris came to visit with my Lady and me a little while ago. Eric lives in Virginia, and Kris lives in Massachusetts. It was a long trip, in some nasty weather for both of them. Out favorite “Family Restaurant” diner is on the road back to home for both of them. So we stopped there for dinner before they went in their two different directions on US 95 to go home. Eric is a big, powerful guy with a strong baritone voice. Kris is a tiny powerful woman with a lovely alto. When it was time to go, there was a long, long pause. Eric bent down, Kris tip toed up, and they gave each other a hug. A real hug. A long hug. And they made a sound together. A kind of love and like song…no words…just a sound…a family hum…in a strong baritone, and a lovely alto…together. If you’re lucky enough to have a family too, you’ll understand.


Friday, March 13th, 2015

As I told you in this week’s podcast, I know my Lady Wonder Wench is really looking out for me. But sometimes…like today…it gets itchy. I said ITCHy. I was trying to cut some plastic packaging off a new cell phone with a pair of scissors and she said, “Here, let me do that.” Come on. I’m a big boy. I can be trusted with sharp objects. I run a chain saw and a snow blower and I fly an airplane in my spare time. Manly stuff.  But I must admit she does some things like that better than I do. I’m sometimes maturity challenged. I’m stupidly competitive…even with myself. I have to finish the last cereal flake with the last spoonful of milk in my breakfast… it has to come out even. I usually stop the microwave with 1 second to go so I can pretend I’m de-fusing a bomb. And when I watch the TV news, I am sometimes verbally abusive when I notice that some liar’s pants don’t catch fire. Good times and bad times…there have been plenty of both through the years…and she’s always been right there with me. I remember the night I got fired from WNBC Radio a lot of years ago. I wrote a story about how it felt. It’s called “Not Again.” It’s in the current podcast. 


Thursday, March 12th, 2015

This week’s podcast gets into some of the cracks in a very happy and very long term romance. For example: She bought me a shirt that she says looks very nice on me. I want her to think I look nice, so I’ve worn it every day since she got it for me, for Christmas. I went to put it on today but it was gone. And I think she had something to do with it. The same disappearing act happened to my high school Speedo bathing suit a few summers ago, and I think she had a lot to do with that too.