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Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Dick-ette (as in something small from Dick) September 14, 2008

“The Book” says God is a sexist. “Male and female He made them.” Seperate. Different. Equal. Every human relationship is “sexist.” I love it.

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Dick-ette – (as in something small from Dick) September 12

The September 11 anniversary always leaves me sad…almost to the point of confusion…and I very seldom feel confused…or that sad. I grew up in the shadow of the twin towers. Maybe it hits you that way too. So here are some ways to cheer up: Take an extra long hot shower…with a friend if possible. Sit down and listen to your favorite cd. Lie in bed and listen to the rain. Have a strawberry milkshake. Smile…a little bigger and a little longer…even if you don’t feel like doing it. Now smile a little bigger. You’ll make yourself laugh like that…even if there’s no particular reason to laugh. But there’s always a good reason to laugh. It makes you feel good. Stand up straight. Seriously…try it. You’ll instantly feel more powerful and in control. Close your eyes and remember your first kiss. Let someone give you a shampoo. Have a hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. Go to a playground and grab a ride on a swing. Call somebody and say I love you. And mean it as if you’ll never be able to talk with that person again. Please…especially do that last thing. Please.

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Dick-ette (as in a little something from Dick.) September 10

Our politics grinds good people into slime. Both presidential candidates are good people, with different views. Neither one would turn us over to the terrorists. Both will do everything they can to help our economy. And they’re both as honest as you and me. No less, and no more. 

Republicans stand for conservative views. Overturn Roe vs. Wade, teach “Creationism” instead of evolution in schools, and protect business so it can create jobs for our workers. Democrats stand for alternative views. Keep the right of free choice for women, teach evolution as a science and discuss “Creationism” as a philosophy, and help workers to have a better life, so they can be better employees. There are good people who see things both ways.

We say United We Stand, but we’re not. We’re screaming at eachother about lipstick, and necklines, and haircuts instead of trying to find compromises that we can all live with. The bad guys ARE united. They’re completely focused on killing us.

Time to stop slinging the slime at each other, and start treating ourselves…and that means all of us…with respect.  

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Dick-ette (As in a little thing from Dick) September 9, 2008

Somebody just un-subscribed from this blog. A small sadness for me. Not an earth shaker. But I often wonder why. Why do people un-subscribe ? Why do they subscribe in the first place ? And thank you for all the comments and emails about survival in the supermarket fast lane.

I’m going to try to get another regular blog and podcast up in the next few days. Meantime, you might give a listen to

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Dick-Ette (as in a little something from Dick) September 8

My buddy Doug and his wife Charlene are coming over. Doug keeps his small plane at the same airport where I keep mine…and we’re going to a pilot meeting tonight. While Doug and I and a bunch of other guys will hang around talking about airplanes, Charlene and my Lady Wonder Wench will do an evening of “girl talk.” Outside of going to the supermarket and the drug store, this will be my first time away from Lady W.W. since her accident in early July.

I consider it an honor and a joy that my Lady W.W. allows me to be her protector, her friend and her husband. But it will be good for both of us to do a change of pace for a few hours.

It’s good to have friends.  

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Dick-ette September 7, 2008

There’s a sign in a playground in New York’s Central Park. It describes how I’m hoping my Lady Wonder Wench eventually will be able to spend a Sunday soon. It’s really kind of a poem. It says:

“This is a place to Run, Hop, Skip, Jump, Skate, Leap, Laugh, Giggle, Wriggle, Jog, Romp, Swing, Slide, Frolic, Climb, Stretch, Read, Relax, and Play.”

It won’t happen for a while. But I hope it happens again.

I hope to get a podcast/blog up soon. Meantime, please check:

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Dick-ette (as in a little something from Dick) September 6, 2008

Waiting for Harlot Hurricane Hanna to Hurry through, and I realized that according to the Weather Channel I was in the “Watch out, the supermarket may close and you haven’t had your lunch yet” zone. So I evacuated to a nearby shopping center, and a question arose the definitive answer to which has eluded me. To whit: If you’re in the express lane with 2 grapefruit can you count them as one item to stay under the 10 item limit ? Here’s what I mean: If I have 6 apples in a bag, that’s one item. 6 Bananas without a bag, that’s one item. A thousand grapes all on one stem…one item. Suppose there’s no bag big enough for 2 grapefruit ? Please let me have your thoughts to show to that narrow minded manager.

I hope to post a new Blog/podcast in the next few days. Meanwhile, please check out

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Dick-ette (A little something from Dick) September 5

Both the Republican and Democratic Campaign Headquarters have just announced that since their conventions they have received heartwarming, and in fact record breaking outpourings of contribution money from civic minded special interest groups…responding to the Candidates call for campaign finance reform.

Huh ?

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Dick-Ette (a little something from Dick) September 4

Looks like I’m catching a cold. Why is it that a sneeze feels SO much better than a cough. Aren’t they about the same thing? Before Vatican II, certain sneezes were considered sinful they felt so good. I’m always proud that a germ that has its choice of any person’s body in the entire world would pick mine. It could have bitten George Clooney…for example. That would have been good.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Dick-ette – September 3

My friend Charles and his buddy Nick are coming over to my home studio to record a radio show in about an hour. My home-making skills don’t measure up to my Lady Wonder Wench’s standards…which is what these guys are used to. Gotta hose the place down and wipe the mouth marks off the seltzer bottle.

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