Dick-ette – As in a little something from Dick:

My day job is requiring some actual work this week, so I may not be able to get a pod-cast up this weekend. But I want all Louie-Louie Generation folks to have these words of advice from Big Louie, His Own Bad Self…the Chief Mustard Cutter of the Louie-Louie Generation: “If you notice that your body is beginning to make the same noises as your coffee maker, remember the best way to prevent sagging is just eat till the wrinkles fill out.”

Try this on for size: www.DickSummer.com/podcast/latest

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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    Just remember that work is a four letter word :->

    I’ve tried your suggestion, but it doesn’t work for me!
    For some reason, I just can’t gain weight shucks!


  2. aliasJean Fox says:

    Comment for Mike — Hey Mike – Let’s meet! I have 60 lbs. I’d like to give you…..
    NOT hee hee hee ! 🙁

  3. Mike Walsh says:

    An interesting proposition, Jean, but I’m afraid it won’t work!
    I’ve been trying to “bottle” my metabolism for years and just can’t figure it out!

  4. Pastor Mike says:

    Mike:To paraphrase Hunter Thompson- While I hesitate to recommend extract of Malt and Hops (otherwise known as Beer) it’s always worked for me! (in moderation of course). pastormike