Dick-ette (as in a little something from Dick) September 26

Life is so wierd. For three months, my Lady Wonder Wench had to try to figure out how to walk with that damn ten pound halo screwed into her head. It threw her ballance off terribly…among other things. Now that it’s gone, she has to try to learn to walk without it. It’s tough…and it must be very frightening. It’s a little like baseball. When the pitcher is throwing high hard heat at your head, you’ve got to stand up like you’re not afraid. Appropriately, it takes four balls to get a walk. Same with Lady W.W. Well…I guess anybody who has the guts to put up with me for all these years, can deal with this. New Podcast going up this weekend if all goes well. MEantime… www.dicksummer.com/podcast/latest

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  1. lisa says:

    LW comes from amazing stock…… we can move mountains is we so choose to!!! But as an added benefit she is also the most astounding woman in the world, she can make snakes from straw wrappers.