Dick-ette (as in a little something from Dick) September 25

SUCCESS ! The halo came off. Now the healing can start. My Lady Wonder Wench is a pretty woman. She now has four holes in her head…two on her forehead. The doctor says they will heal. I hope they do…soon. Even if they don’t…she will always be beautiful. Always.

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  1. Roger B says:

    My Congratulations to Lady Wonder Wench!

    I’m sure you’re both ecstatic!

    Best of luck in the ongoing recovery!


  2. dick butler says:

    dick b

  3. Janette Channing says:

    Dear Dick,
    You made my day. I am happy to hear that everything went well with Lady Wonder Wench. The power of prayer and positive thinking helped and will continue to help until she has fully recovered. The holes in her head will heal and with a little make-up they might not be visible. I will continue to keep you and Annie in my prayers.
    God bless,