Dick-ette (as in a little something from Dick) September 22.

Coming down the home stretch for my Lady Wonder Wench. Cat scan today. If it looks ok, the Halo “may come off Wednesday.” Speaking of cats…one of my jokes that Lady Wonder Wench likes is…”Do you know why the cat ate a piece of cheese ? So he could sit by the mouse hole with baited breath.” It’s not much of a joke, but it’s my joke and she usually laughs at it. A little laugh. A giggle. A snicker ? (That’s the kind of stuff she’s put up with for a long time.)You’ve got to remember that I wasn’t a brain surgeon. I was a disc jockey. I went to school on an eraser clapping scholarship.

Actually…I’m scared that something will go wrong…and I’m determined that everything will go right…and the damn thing will come off. She’s almost out of energy. Any good positive thoughts will be appreciated.

I’ll let you know how it works out.


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  1. Roger B says:

    Dear Dick & Lady Wonder Wench,

    I read your “Dick-ette”(s) daily…and I wish I responded with more comments to your Dick-ette(s).

    I think self-denigrating humor is something that we all get a good laugh from…but don’t put down disc-jockeys Dick. DJ’s from your era entertained us, informed us, kept us company, held our hands, kept us warm on the inside, and were our friends. That is no longer the case today; radio has changed…and NOT for the better. I yearn for the days when I listened to you in/on NY radio!

    As I’m sure you would tell us…if the shoe were on the other foot…continue to think positive. I hope you & yours will not be disappointed on the outcome; best of luck to you & your wife.

    PS: Thanks for the “Dick-ette”(s)…and their daily insights into you, your thoughts, & your life.

  2. lisa says:

    Disc Jockeys and Authors are my favorite type of peeps, giving you all my thoughts and positive energy.

  3. Mike Walsh says:

    You’re right, that’s a terrible joke! Which means I love it! I know you can tell my taste
    in jokes from the bad ones I’ve sent you! You and your other half are in my prayers.
    I have faith that this will turn out well.

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Dick, I just clicked on the latest podcast link, just for something to listen to.
    Son of a gun! You picked probably one of my favorites! It brings a tear to my eye
    and a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart! Thankyou!!