Dick-ette (as in a little thing from Dick.)

My admiration for John McCain goes back a lot of years. He was a semi hero of mine. This is not, and will never be a political blog. I hate politics. Mostly because of what it does to even semi heros like Senator McCain.

If anyone reading this can get the following copy for a 30 second TV spot to the powers that be in the Obama campaign…please do so.

“I’m afraid that John McCain would rather win this election than give us someone ready to take command when his healh fails…again. He has always put his country first…till now. Why couldn’t he at least have asked a woman who’s qualified to answer that emergency call in the middle of the night. Why didn’t he at least ask…Hillary Clinton.”

This will be the last comment I ever make about the upcoming election.

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  1. lisa says:

    Well, I have Obama on my Twitter account and he follows me, so any thing I send to him, he will see. I can send along to him if you wish